PEP has originated from the charitable initiatives of the NIEP

Past Projects and Initiatives

Planet for Environmental Peace (PEP) has originated from the charitable initiatives of the Planet for Environmental Peace (PEP) and continues to maintain close links to the NIEP supporting any action that works towards building a world where human beings and the environment can thrive in peace and harmony.

We always organize the fundraising events in response to the urgent needs of any world area affected by the natural disasters. The funds are sent to the affected places directly or through the renowned organizations such as Red Cross and Salvation Army.

One of the main directions of PEP is to create a fund which would offer scholarships and research awards to the top students and scientific researchers around the world who face barriers to accessing education, resources and subsequently meaningful employment. We believe that encouraging and providing more opportunities to these individuals can make a big difference for the future of our planet.

We are working on gaining funds for tuition for studies in environmental fields, management of innovation, holistic healing.

We provide volunteer experience for students and new immigrants by introducing them to the modern Canadian language and multicultural realities.

We proudly support the small community environmentally oriented and educational projects such as Garden in the box; green literacy for homeless people for further job search in the environmental industry; youth initiatives for environmental peace (art and social work group projects); modern technologies and financial literacy seminars, etc.

PEP is seeking to join any promising projects which use research, expertise and popularization of green innovative technologies at community and international levels. We are participating in the implementation of such green innovations as vertical gardens, living air purification filters for air conditioning, gas exhaustion reduction.

We envision building an innovative international educational institution lending emphasis to the study and understanding of the reciprocal relationships between the environment and all human activities. As such, we are seeking funds for creating a widely based curriculum that combines online and classroom instruction and enables the certification of students in their fields in different countries.

We collaborate with various interesting small groups by providing gathering space, scientific expertise, marketing and building dialogue with other groups and organizations of similar interests (Group of Experiencers, Yurta Mira, and Yoga-meditation Centre).

Some of our past and present activities are:

From 2013 onwards:

Supporting community development projects, including teaching environment programs to homeless people at the St.Joseph Centre (run by ‘Seeds of Hope Foundation’). Developing Rooftop Garden at the “Carrot Common”, including implementation of the well-known ‘Ganguly Organic Living Filter’ to detoxify toxic gases inside the building for environmental health.

Support for social, artistic and musical programs and entertainment, by encouraging innovation, musical writing, performing and creativity.


Support for the Rainbow School of Lifelong Learning founded by Dr.Isaac Dey, a traditional healer of the Anishinaabe people.


A fundraising event on the premises of the St. George campus of the University of Toronto to support a group led by the Chairman of Environmental Faculty at Pokhara University, Nepal. The group was working to alleviate the devastating effects of the April 2015 Nepal earthquakes. They conducted relief activities in some mountain village areas by providing temporary shelter, food and drinking water to the victims of the earthquake.

The funds raised during the event were sent to the group to support their project to build shelters and help reconstruct the livelihood of the affected people.

We assisted Dr. Kazi Rouf, a visiting scholar from the Faculty of Environmental studies at York University in his pilot project called Lal Shak (Red Spinach) Vegetable Production in the Black Creek Community Garden. Our volunteers’ assistance, as well as expert biologists’ supervision was provided by PEP.

The project was recommended for further implementation as an alternative income generating program for unemployed youth, adults, disadvantaged single mothers and seniors in Canada.


In collaboration with That Channel, the company worked on creating an online series of lectures about Environmental Peace and new media resources and tools to raise video literacy in Toronto communities.

We developed a series of workshops on modern green technologies, sustainable maintenance of personal health and innovative ideas on developing small businesses led by the members and guests of PEP.

We hosted workshops on innovations in air purification technologies that took place at the green roof at the Carrot Common, St. Joseph Center. The participants celebrated summer by sharing with organizers their ideas, love of life, peace and charity.

One of the traditional Environmental Peace Parties was hosted to make merry and celebrate the festive season by gathering good friends to share diverse cultural experiences, artistic performances and ethnic foods.

We are supporting vocational training and other activities of ‘Banchbo Socio-Cultural Association’ a NGO organization in India.


The marketing event took place to support NIEP and NIU (Noble International University), Holistica Centre and promote its preventive medicine mandate. During the meeting, speeches were delivered about new approaches to stress management, as well as a brief presentation on the book I Decided to Fight My Cancer by our student and active volunteer, Iryna Berlinh.

Promotional activities for a certificate short course in air conditioning, air filtration and air quality control was designed and delivered by NIEP lecturers for people seeking an introduction to potential jobs in the industry as well as for the students in Environmental studies.

An inaugural workshop was created for the program Money Matters designed by PEP volunteers and financial industry specialists to raise financial literacy in Toronto communities. The project includes free discussion sessions, sharing life experiences, tracing the possible resolutions of the most common financial tasks, presentations by professionals about current financial trends and perspectives, and free consultancy work for the interested.

Supporting the NIEP series of lectures and seminars on Green innovative initiatives delivered in collaboration with project “Seeds of Hope” to clients with special education needs.

Projects in Progress:

In response to the need for raising funding for Noble International University’s scholarships and research awards program PEP will be organizing ongoing fundraising gala events throughout the calendar year. Once per season (fall, winter, spring and summer) we will be hosting an Ayurveda Dinner Gala on the rooftop patio of the Carrot Common in Toronto, Ontario. The inaugural event will mark the festival of Diwali. Diwali is celebrated by South Asians around the world and is known as the Festival of Lights. According to Ayurveda philosophy, “the awareness of inner light” and quest for “self-knowledge” leads to the removal of ignorance and the achievement of environmental peace. As part of the Ayurveda Dinner Gala event, we will provide an educational workshop on Ayurveda philosophy as it applies to holistic health. Additionally, a dinner buffet showcasing health-promoting, organic, Ayurvedic foods and beverages will be provided to attendees, which will include single mothers, homeless youth, and adults to provide direction and hope. Musical performances by local artists will complement the evening and provide a space for all to share in the diversity of our great city of Toronto.

Our Partners:


We welcome individual Donors to join in our international environmental peace work as well as to be recognized for their contributions

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