To use our resources to acquire the knowledge needed to bring about this vision of environmental peace


Our support for local initiatives, research grants for students and dedicated institutions is working to:

Clean our air, detoxify city gases with natural filtration and living filters.

Improve human health through exposure to natural green environments, shorten surgery recovery in hospitals, and reduce stress in communities through natural environments.

Cool cities with vertical and rooftop forestry to break the heat, which holds toxic gases where we walk and play. Make our overheated playgrounds safe and healthy with greenspace.

With roof-top gardens and wall gardens, increase bio-diversity. Increase urban agriculture, minimize the city footprint.

Clean and purify our water naturally, develop trickle cell ecosystems which use our plant and whole micro-ecosystems to return water that is safe for boating, swimming and ultimately drinking.

Stabilize our soil systems. Work with plants and microbes to remove pesticides and to improve soil fertility.

Work with communities to understand and strengthen human personal bonds and cohesion.

Work to bring about sustainable developments in which both human growth and nature flourishes.

Develop practical economics in which environmental peace is truly sustainable.


We welcome individual Donors to join in our international environmental peace work as well as to be recognized for their contributions

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